“A different version of Deadpool” will be introduced into the MCU


With Disney’s purchase of Fox comes an onslaught of superheros from the Marvel catalog that can now be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This includes X-Men, Fantastic Four and of course, Deadpool.

Deadpool has been one of the most talked about characters that Marvel Studios now have access to. Fans have been wondering whether the character would be toned down to fit more in line with Disney and the MCU in comparison to his outings during his solo films that have the foul mouthed mercenary showing his full colours.

It has been previously confirmed by those at Disney and Marvel Studios that they intend to keep Ryan Reynolds in his prolific role as the character, and he will more than likely be the only actor the studios retain. When it is time for characters from X-Men and Fantastic Four to be brought into the fold, there will be new actors in those roles.

But when Deadpool is eventually introduced into the MCU, “it’ll be considered a different version of Deadpool than the one we saw in the Fox movies” according to We Got This Covered. But this is a statement that can be understood in numerous ways.

Will the difference be that he is no longer the R-Rated character we have grown to love since he hit the big screen in 2016? Or perhaps that this version of Deadpool will be a new incarnation of the character, a version that has always lived in the MCU so he has no affiliation with the previous Fox movies.

Either way, it will certainly be interesting to see how Deadpool is brought into the MCU as the decision to keep Ryan Reynolds on board makes things trickier. Not that we would want to see anybody else donning the red outfit, Reynolds is Deadpool, but a recast and a fresh plate like we will eventually get for the X-Men and Fantastic Four would make things a lot cleaner.

Whilst X-Men has had 10 films released since 2000 to a constant mixed reception, Deadpool is still somewhat fresh, having 2 solo films released in the last 3 years that have been a critical and commercial success. It seems likely that he will be the first character that Marvel Studios pull the trigger on, ensuring they keep the popular character relevant.

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