About Us

Webbed Media is mostly a one man machine with cameos from others when they have something they wish to write about. The website was founded as a platform to write about my passions, and those passions focus heavily on the worlds of comicbook-films and wrestling. I have always had an itch I could never scratch when it comes to writing. The teenage dream was to write for a film magazine but as life often does, it got in the way. But rather than giving up, I’ve started this in an attempt to build something that is my own.

About Ciarán
With a name like Webbed Media, it comes as no surprise that my favourite superhero is Spider-Man. From wearing Spidey face-paint as a child to having a Spider-Man tattoo as an adult, he is the clear favourite. As a result, we put a large emphasis on all things Marvel, especially with the wild popularity and success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the realms of wrestling, I grew up like most on WWE (then WWF). These days I find myself heavily invested in NJPW and never watching WWE. I love everything about NJPW and have flown myself from London to Japan 3 times; for the G1 Climax 25, Wrestle Kingdom 12 and Wrestle Kingdom 13.

Please feel free to contact us on WebbedMediaMail@gmail.com