Kevin Smith Reveals How He Got Chris Hemsworth To Appear In Jay & Silent Bob Reboot

jay-and-silent-bob-reboot-chris-hemsworth7774736974637000996.jpgIt was revealed earlier in the year that among a host of other big names, none other than Chris Hemsworth would be appearing in the upcoming Jay & Silent Bob Reboot.

For Kevin Smith, this was perhaps the biggest star he could have asked for. Smith is a life-long comicbook fan and very loud supporter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so getting Thor himself to appear in his newest film must have been like a dream come true. Whilst speaking on the Empire Film Podcast, Kevin Smith discussed how he managed to get Hemsworth to appear in his upcoming film and had nothing but praise for the star.

Kevin Smith
“That was nuts. That was absolutely nuts. That came off of, like, the press. In Vanity Fair they did this piece where they talked to him and shit and he mentioned my name. He used my fucking name and he was like, ‘Kevin Smith was talking about Thor in a podcast and we realised people listen to that guy so maybe we should try something’. And I was like, Chris Hemsworth knows my name. So when we were putting this movie together I said, hey mean reach out to fucking Chris Hemsworth, he seems to know my name and he listened to one of the podcasts at least once. I think his manager was also a fan, like ‘I went to film school because of Clerks’ and shit, one of those things that’s like, holy thanks for Clerks. Still to this day, a quarter-century later it still opens fucking doors and stuff. And he was like, ‘let me run it past him because I know he likes the movies and shit like that and he knows Matt’. And all of a sudden they were getting back to us like, what are you looking at? We can’t get him down there for when you’re shooting, but could you do him in Los Angeles? And I was like I’ll fucking do him in Asgard. I’ll go anywhere if that’s possible. So he made time, and I want to shout this out, because it’s incredibly fucking special and says a lot about him. On a day when he came to us in Los Angeles to do the green screen day, I said ‘what else you got? Like what you doing next’. He listed 9 fucking things, 2 of them were on different continents that were taking place in the next 48 hours, like after us. And I was like, I can’t believe you fucking made the time to throw this in, in the middle of this. Because this was all pre-Avengers. And he was so sweet he was like, ‘mate, this is the thing I was looking forward to the most.’ It’s an actor thing to say but I took it man, because he’s a good actor I believed it. So it was really really sweet that he came out. Lot of the other people that came out, we worked with before so having them back’s important but people are like, of course they came back. What else you got? So it was nice to be able to be like, we have an Avenger! The strongest Avenger is with us! And he was like legit funny, the dude’s really funny. So scrape away he’s an Avenger it was just nice to have somebody who can do really fucking funny shit.”

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot does not yet have a release date but it is expected to hit cinemas in late 2019.

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