X-Men: Dark Phoenix Takes Advantage Of Its One F-Bomb


For a film to remain PG-13, it is allowed to use the word “fuck” only once. Often a filmmaker will decide to take advantage of this, to give a moment a bit more emphasis. The next X-Men film, Dark Phoenix, decides to drop an F-bomb to do exactly that.

The Dark Phoenix story is likely a familiar one to not only fans of the comicbooks but also the films, as 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand followed a very similar story. In this newest adaption, Jean Grey is hit with a solar flare during a space rescue mission and as a result gains tremendous powers that she cannot control. As a result, both heroes and villains attempt to stop the out of control Jean Grey, one of them being her romantic interest Scott Summers (Cyclops).

The F-bomb in Dark Phoenix comes courtesy of Scott Summers. Without diving into spoilers, Scott tells another character “I will fucking kill you” if they attempt to hurt or kill Jean Grey.

It may catch audiences off guard but it certainly puts some malice behind Scott’s words and gives them a much larger impact, showing just how important Jean Grey is to him even though she has likely caused carnage by this point in the film.

Dark Phoenix hits cinemas on June 5th (UK) and June 7th (US).

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