Daniel Bruhl & Emily Van Camp To Return For ‘Falcon & Winter Soldier’ Series


It was previously announced that the six-part miniseries The Falcon & The Winter Soldier would be heading to Disney+ next year, but other than that information has been scarce. Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie are set to continue on in their superhero roles and it has now been reported by Deadline that Daniel Bruhl and Emily Van Camp are set to return as well, with a planned release of August 2020.

Daniel Bruhl played the villain Helmut Zemo in Captain America: Civil War. A character who tried to divide the Avengers and was successful in his efforts, leading to the fallout between Captain America and Iron Man. The last we saw of the character he was imprisoned with Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) supervising him.

Emil Van Camp played Sharon Carter/Agent 13 in both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War. Sharon is the niece of Peggy Carter and a friend of Cap, providing him with information in Civil War and siding with him during the events of The Winter Soldier.

Kevin Feige has confirmed that all the Disney+ series will have major ramifications in the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe and will be intrinsically linked to the films.

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