George Clooney’s Batman Advice To Ben Affleck – “Don’t Do It”


In his first ever podcast interview which took place with Awards Chatter, George Clooney discussed his entire career, which of course includes the disastrous 1997 Batman & Robin. Having worked with Ben Affleck previously on Argo, Clooney revealed that he spoke to Affleck before he took the Batman role for Batman v Superman and offered him some advice, quite simply “don’t do it.”

George Clooney
I actually did talk to him [Ben Affleck]. I said don’t do it. It was only from my experience, ya’ know. Ben’s had one of those careers, in a way we’ve had very similar careers, there’s been highs and lows, ups and downs. That’s good, no one’s trajectory is a straight line up. And he had worked his way back from actor jail, which happens when I do Batman & Robin and when he does Gigli. So it’s that. He gets to that moment and I thought don’t give them something to fire off at you. He did great though.

Clooney has openly mocked how bad Batman & Robin was, even calling the film “a waste of money” and saying “we might have killed the franchise”. Warner Bros. had plans for a sequel to the film but the universally negative critical reception ensured the sequel was cancelled, with Clooney vowing to never reprise the role.

As for Ben Affleck, he played the Caped Crusader over 3 films but has since left the role with recent reports indicating that the next person to play Batman could be announced in the near future.

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