Top 15 Avengers: Endgame Moments

Whilst Avengers: Endgame is still taking over the world I decided to put a list together of the top moments that happen in the film. And as soon as I started I realised just how difficult a task I had set, as there are countless moments that deserve credit for a multitude of different reasons. From the action that takes place in the epic final battle to the heart-breaking deaths that had me sobbing and the nostalgia plastered throughout thanks to 11 years of history. There’s always the risk that I have forgotten a moment too, but for now, here it is. My list of the top 15 Avengers: Endgame moments.

pic20190510154138516356891571426467.jpg15 – “Everyone fails at who they’re supposed to be”
As funny as Thor’s appearance is at first, as the film goes on you can really understand how damaged a character he has become. Blaming himself for Thanos’ snap in Infinity War has put the God of Thunder in a position we haven’t seen him before. Having him spend time with his dead mother Frigga was heartwarming and offered a different side that we hadn’t seen and it was simply great to see Rene Russo on screen in the MCU again.

14 – Ant-Man Punches A Leviathan
I mean come on! Ant-Man turns into a giant and just straight up uppercuts a damn Leviathan in the face.

13 – “They got Thanos. You get me”
Clint Barton/Hawkeye is a rockstar throughout Endgame. The continuous shot of him taking down a criminal syndicate in Tokyo used as an introduction for his Ronin persona is mesmerizing. And the reason he gives for killing is one of the coolest lines from the entire MCU.

12 – “You took everything from me”
Wanda getting a scrap of revenge on Thanos was so satisfying and it was almost effortless for her. She seems like she is toying with the Mad Titan whilst she makes him suffer for what he did to Vision.

11 – “No amount of money ever bought a second of time”
The whole interaction when Tony gets to meet his Dad had me smiling throughout. 4 words had such an impact when Tony gets to tell Howard “I have a daughter.” He got the opportunity to tell his Dad something he never thought he would be able to. Plus I love John Slattery as Roger Sterling in Mad Men, so there’s that.

pic201905101544387482222434988989158.jpg10 – Handing Down The Shield
I think Sam Wilson summed up how we were all feeling during this moment, “Only thing bumming me out is the fact I have to live in a world without Captain America”. A very heartfelt moment as Falcon is given his own shield to be the successor to Steve Rogers.

9 – “Love you 3000”
This phrase has taken on a life of its own. It’s insane how adorable Morgan Stark is whenever she is on screen and whilst this line is simply cute when first mentioned, it takes on a much larger meaning by the end of the film, even more so on a re-watch.

8 – “Let’s kill him properly this time”
Imagine being such a badass that when you summon your two weapons it braids your beard. This is the first time we see Lebowski Thor go full God of Thunder in Endgame as he dual wields Mjolnir and Stormbreaker, and it sets the tone for the upcoming fight between the original 3 Avengers and Thanos.

7 – Steve Rogers gets his dance
How can you not be smiling when the final scene of Avengers: Endgame starts. After 3 Captain America films and 4 Avengers films, Steve Rogers finally gets his dance with Peggy Carter and it is perfect.

6 – “On your left”
I don’t think this moment could have been done any better. It was such a triumph. I will never get bored of seeing the waves of heroes make their grand returns backed up by legions of their peoples.

avengers-endgame-21-1556027047797215021523493868.jpg5 – Vormir
The tense build-up is excruciating as you just know either Clint or Natasha are about to die so the other can acquire the Soul Stone. The two of them had been so intertwined since the first Avengers film and it makes this scene the most tense of the entire film. Clint was so willing to give up the chance to see his family, his whole reason for fighting, so that Natasha could live. Whereas Natasha refused to let Clint do that. I’m getting emotional just writing about it!

uploads2fstory2fthumbnail2f780882f99afd203-6e62-432e-b5ef-50ceee2e7f917795609523565471315.png4 – “I Am Iron Man”
Ending Iron Man’s story with the same words that started it 11 years ago. Sacrificing his own life so that everybody else can have theirs, most importantly Pepper and Morgan. It’s impossible to say where Robert Downey Jr. ends and Tony Stark begins as the two are forever joined and will be infinitely missed in the MCU.

captain-america-avengers-endgame-15573209307349889631858737009.jpg3 – “Avengers Assemble”
HE FINALLY SAID IT. And he said it whilst calling Mjolnir! And assembling the biggest army of heroes EVER. Literal chills.

41006080213d892d2f5796a4f0a6b29a4638160170281086061.png2 – Cheeseburger
I don’t think I have ever cried so much in my adult life. The unbearably cute Morgan telling Happy she wants a cheeseburger has broken my manly facade into a blubbering mess the 3 times I have seen Endgame and will continue to do so.

yxb23umop4v215109046696604877250.jpg1 – Captain America Lifts Mjolnir
Sitting in the cinema the day of release. Mjolnir lifted off the ground. I grabbed my partner’s leg.. Was what I think was happening really happening? Mjolnir was used to attack Thanos. It flew back and CAPTAIN AMERICA WAS WIELDING IT. My cinema erupted, I threw my first in the air and yelled “fucking A!”. Definitely the best moment I have ever experienced in the cinema. The combo Cap pummels Thanos with immediately after makes this the best moment of not only Endgame, but the entire MCU.


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