The Final Scene Robert Downey Jr. Filmed For Avengers: Endgame

Whilst guests on the ReelBlend podcast, The Russo brothers revealed what the final shot they filmed for Avengers: Endgame was and it was a moment that included only Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark. That moment? The epic “I am Iron Man” snap. That’s right, RDJ wrapped his iconic time as Iron Man with one of the most memorable moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And it event took some convincing to get the actor to film the line.


Anthony & Joe Russo:
You’re gonna freak. “I. Am. Iron Man.” That was the last thing we shot. It’s a re-shoot because originally when he snapped he didn’t say “I am Iron Man.” The idea came up whilst we were post production. We were sitting in editorial and we were re-working that sequence and Thanos says “I am inevitable” and we were like, we need a response to that, what is a response to that. And our editor goes, “how about ‘I am Iron Man’?” And we were like, that’s it! Get the cameras out! We must shoot that! I had dinner with him (RDJ) like two weeks before we were supposed to shoot it. He was like, I don’t know I don’t want to go back and get in that emotional stake, it’s hard. Crazily enough Joel Silver, the producer, was at the dinner and he’s an old buddy of Robert’s. And Joel jumps in and is like “Robert what are you talking about! It’s the greatest line I’ve ever heard! You gotta say this line, you have to do this.” So thank God that Joel Silver was at the dinner because he helped us talk Robert into doing that line.

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