Spider-Man: Far From Home Director Teases Numan Acar’s Character – Is It Chameleon?

spider-man-chameleon6463553067395085594.jpgWhen the news came that Numan Acar would be playing a character named Dimitri in Spider-Man: Far From Home, fans instantly linked this to a Spidey villain with the name Dmitri Smerdyakov, better known as Chameleon. But since being cast in the upcoming film, no further information has been released. Whilst visiting the film set in London, Cinema Blend spoke to the director and executive producer to get some more information on who Acar will be playing.

Director Jon Watts:
Well, Dmitri in the film works for Nick Fury and I think anyone who works for Nick Fury, they certainly have a mysterious past. We’re not specifically saying that he’s [Chameleon]… but we’re not not saying.

Executive Producer Eric Carroll:
One of the guys on Nick’s team is played by Numan Acar. He’s a fantastic actor. And he’s got this really great thing where he looks super imposing. He looks like the sort of guy you’d expect to be a mercenary. But he’s hilarious. Just one of the funniest actors. … So now you’ve got this really scary-looking mercenary driving these kids around Europe. So, they get rerouted [by Fury]. They drive through the Alps, and there’s a fun character set piece here where Peter, who now has access to some technology in the wake of having met up with Nick Fury, tries to use that technology for iffy purposes…. and almost blows up his bus by launching some weaponized drones that this spy team has access to.

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