New Spider-Man: Far From Home Clip Sets Up Earth 616 & Possibly Teases Spider-UK

With the brand new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer came the wild introduction of the Multiverse, an idea taken straight from the comics. The Multiverse is the name given to the endless alternate realities and opens up a whole new world for Marvel Studios’ to play with over the coming years. In the comics, the reality we know is referred to as Earth-616. As revealed in a new clip that was shown during Ellen, Quentin Beck/Mysterio (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) refers to our world, Peter Parker’s world, the world that the Marvel Cinematic Universe takes place as Earth-616 and his own as Earth-833. You can see the clip here.

“This is Earth dimension 616. I’m from Earth-833.”
Whilst the revelation of the main Earth being dimension 616 may be nothing more than an Easter Egg, the reveal that Beck is from Earth-833 could certainly have further implications as this is the same Earth that Spider-UK is from. As his name suggests, Spider-UK is a British-based Spider-Man and made his first comics appearance in 2014 during Dan Slott’s tenure on Amazing Spider-Man. Is this just another Easter Egg or Marvel planting the seeds for the introduction of different Spider-Men through the Multiverse?

nmyd2tzmtvw218393149954956379550.jpgThis isn’t the first time that the 616 universe has been mentioned in the MCU. During Thor: The Dark World, Erik Selvig has “616 Universe” written on his chalk board when explaining the Convergence.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is due for release on July 2nd 2019.

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