Thanos’ Endgame Weapon Is Based On The Infamous Thanos-Copter

7ioxnemqttdpwgcyklhsclr3vancby35mgpx0mnxdsc4780996307270997200.pngIn Avengers: Endgame, Thanos wields a mighty double-sided sword throughout, a weapon that was not previously seen in the MCU. But the origins of the weapon might surprise you as the creator of Thanos, Jim Starlin, revealed that the weapon is actually based on the rotor blades from the Thanos-Copter!

When talking with a fan during a signing, Starlin said that the writers and producers showed him the design of the weapon as a surprise and that they indeed based it on the rotor blades from the Thanos-Copter and mentioned how the helicopter is “from a crazy issue where Spider-Man fought Thanos for the Cosmic Cube in a helicopter.”

The Thanos-Copter appeared during Spidey Super Stories #39 from 1979, in which the Mad Titan attemps to steal the cosmic cube and escape in a bright yellow helicopter plastered with his own name. Since Thanos was introduced into the MCU, the helicopter has become infamous as a meme among Marvel fans. So whilst we didn’t see Thanos flying around, the helicopter still made its way into Endgame. Kind of.

Thanks to reddit user ayjayem for the posting the funny tidbit on the Marvel Studios subreddit.

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