Spider-Man: Far From Home Director Dives Into Newest Trailer

With the release of a brand new trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home came a lot of new information about the fallout of Avengers: Endgame but it also raised more questions than it answered. The trailer introduced the multiverse and more details of the story that will see Nick Fury recruiting Spider-Man and Mysterio whilst Peter Parker deals with the death of Tony Stark. Director Jon Watts spoke with Fandango about the upcoming film and revealed a lot of interesting details which you can read below.

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When does Far From Home take place?
We don’t say specifically how far after, but the idea is that it’s almost immediately after the events of Endgame. So we get to see the neighborhood from the first movie dealing with the implications of all of the crazy fallout of Endgame. And, you know, in classic New York style, everyone is just moving on and getting on with their daily lives. Ya know, half the people that disappeared are now back, so let’s move on. [laughs]

The Multiverse
Well, I mean, yeah. We had to look at it in terms of the scope of what happened at the end of Endgame. Seeing all the crazy things that they did and all the questions that raises. So we’re definitely trying to answer one of the big ones — alternate timelines. So many possibilities opened up at the end of Endgame, and Peter Parker is one of the few people on the ground dealing with them.

Nick Fury
Well, that was what was very exciting to me because this is a version of Nick Fury I don’t think we’ve ever seen, which is a Nick Fury who is playing catch-up. He disappeared for five years and the world changed dramatically in his absence, and here he is trying to put together a new team. Spider-Man and Mysterio are being recruited to tackle this threat of the Elementals. That’s what Nick Fury does, but now things are crazier than usual.

Miles Morales
There is no Miles in this film, or at least not yet. But who knows… we edit these films down to the last second, so you never know.

Adrian Toomes & Liz
Keaton is not in the movie, and Laura is not in the movie.

What happened to Aunt May during the snap?
She disappeared and came back.

The 5 year fallout in Endgame
I’ve always seen Spider-Man as the most relatable superhero for that reason. He is on the ground level of this fantastic universe. So many things happened in Endgame, but you don’t see any of the fallout. So I used Peter Parker/Spider-Man as an opportunity to get that ground-level perspective to show you what it would look like if all these crazy things had happened. What would day-to-day life be? If you were snapped away, you’d have to work backwards and retake your midterms. Just talking through what the most mundane implications would be. Like, your birthday on your driver’s license or passport would say that you are five years older than you technically are. Those sorts of questions are just so fascinating to me, and I really wanted to get into the minutiae of it and really explore that.

Happy Hogan
Similar to Peter, who lost his mentor in Tony… you know, Happy has been there since the very beginning. I think a big part of this story is trying to find your place in the world if the center of your world is gone. I’ve always liked Happy as a character, and to use him to explore some of these things was really exciting. To explore a world without Tony, who was the man that created Iron Man.

Taking over for Tony Stark
Yeah, you know in the last movie, it was like he was ready to step up, but the world was telling him no. Now, the world is asking him to step up, and he’s not sure whether he’s ready for that level of responsibility. Like, he’s still a 16-year-old kid from Queens. It’s something I can relate, too. I remember being a kid and you desparately want to be treated as an adult. But then suddenly you’re treated as an adult, and suddenly you realize that maybe it was better back when I was being treated as a kid. Once you cross that threshold, there’s no going back.

Changes from Homecoming
Getting to work with Jake [Gyllenhaal] and Sam Jackson was amazing, but in terms of a pure filmmaking level, I really wanted to turn up the action and make that huge. In the last movie, we kept things a little bit smaller, intentionally, to remind people why they love Spider-Man. And without changing the tone, I wanted to keep that ground-level relatability, but also turn up the level of action to create something really spectacular. I wanted to show people things that they’ve never seen before at the movies.

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