Diving Into The Soul Stone


It looks as though a lot of thought was put into the names Red Skull uses during Infinity War and Endgame. Is it possible that he can reveal which parent truly loves a character through the powers of the Soul Stone?

As learnt during Avengers: Infinity War, Red Skull has become the guide to the Soul Stone for any who seek it on the planet Vormir, and to gain the stone you have to sacrifice something you love. For any who arrive on the planet seeking the stone, they are met by the ghostly Red Skull who addresses them in name as well as mentioning a parent. When addressing Thanos, Red Skull says “son of A’Lars”, the father of Thanos in the comics. For Gamora he says “daughter of Thanos.” This is particularly interesting as Thanos isn’t Gamora’s biological father as we learn during a flashback that shows how Gamora came to be with Thanos.

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During Avengers: Endgame, Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton head to Vormir to find the Soul Stone. In a slight change of events, Red Skull addresses Clint as “son of Edith.” This is the first time we see Red Skull mention a character’s mother. This could be a nod to Hawkeye’s history in the comicbooks. In the comics, Clint’s father, Harold, was an abuser who used violence against Clint, his brother and their mother, Edith. Red Skull mentioning Edith instead of Harold suggests that Clint has the same backstory in the MCU as he does in the comics. Natasha is addressed as “daughter of Ivan” and she reveals that she never knew her father’s name. Again if we follow comics lore, Ivan is the adoptive father of Natasha. To save her daughter from a burning building during World War 2, Natasha’s mother throws baby Natasha to Ivan who takes on the role of being her father figure.

It could be possible that the parent Red Skull uses is a indication of the parent that loves you most which keeps in line with the Soul Stone requiring you to give up something you love. Whilst Thanos isn’t the biological father of Gamora, he did love her as he couldn’t have acquired the Soul Stone otherwise. Red Skull elects to mention Edith and not Harold when addressing Clint, and if this is a nod to the comic it’s clear that Harold had no love for his Clint. Although it is not as apparent for Natasha, as she had a mother that loved her and saved her but it is Ivan’s name that gets mentioned. Perhaps it’s because Ivan was the one who raised Natasha whereas Natasha never got the chance to know her mother.