We are looking for writers!

If you like writing and have a love for comics, games, wrestling or films then we want you to hear from you! We are on the prowl for budding writers to contribute pieces to the website and we want your creativity to bolster what you write about. We won’t tell you what to write, you can tell us what you want to write about!

Here’s a few ideas for what you could write about with us:
Rankings – Diving into your top 10 wrestling matches, comicbook arcs or games
Previews – Of upcoming games or wrestling shows or films
Guides – On a specific wrestler, a film or game universe
Reviews – Of a new game, a TV series or film
You do the creative writing and we’ll provide the platform. 
These are just a few ideas of what you could create. If you have your own ideas, that’s great!

If this sounds like something you’re interested in then please get in touch with us! Send an e-mail to WebbedMediaMail@gmail.com with the subject Writer [your name]. Be sure to let us know a bit about yourself, what you want to write about, any ideas you may have and if you have any questions. Please only get in touch if you have a real interest in writing on a regular basis.

Please note, this is not a paid position.
Everybody that writes for Webbed Media does not earn any money from the website, we do it for our passions and love of writing.