Wrestler of the Week – El Phantasmo

El Phantasmo is always a highlight of any card he is on, whether it be in the opening match or the main event. The Canadian born wrestler is a constant presence on the UK independent scene and has an innate ability to connect with any crowd he is put in front of. At his core, ELP is a high-flyer who’s magic lies in his rope work, but he is truly an all-rounder in the ring. Perhaps the most impressive weapon in his arsenal is his his top-rope tight-walk, a move that sees him walk from corner to corner across the top rope whilst using his opponent for balance (imagine The Undertaker’s old school move). But at some point along the way his opponents have a tendency to try sweep his legs which ELP jumps to avoid, lands on the top rope and bounces between the top 2 ropes. ELP became the 2nd winner of RevPro’s British J Cup last year by defeating names such as Bandido, Kushida and the inaugural cup winner Jushin Thunder Liger. As our wrestler of the week, El Phantasmo answered a few questions for us below!

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What match would you recommend to somebody who hasn’t seen you wrestler before?
I wrestled Bigfoot once, that was pretty cool.
This actually happened during ATTACK! Pro-Wrestling’s “Under The Mistletour”

Who are your favourite opponents to face?
Guys who don’t have apron bumps in their move-sets.

Who are you hoping to face in the future?
Trent Seven and Jimmy Havoc are the first 2 UK guys who spring to mind who I haven’t been in the ring with yet. So them.

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If you could win any Championship in the world, what would it be?
I think I could pull a lot of girls if I won the Stanley Cup, but I don’t play hockey anymore so that’s a tough one.

What are your thoughts on AEW?
I’m a big fan of everything those guys are doing, and I can’t wait to see what they’re gonna do. I hope they do a timer overlay like TNA did back in the day, that was dope.

Who are your wrestling icons?
The Goon and only The Goon.

screenshot_20190301_1229374415048239231106537.jpgDespite only wrestling in the UK since 2017, El Phantasmo has made a huge impact during his time here, especially with RevPro which has afforded him matches against a number of NJPW talent. ELP has proved he can hang with the best and it seems like all his hard work has paid off! He was teased as coming soon during the opening night of NJPW’s New Japan Cup and it seems as though he will be the latest addition to the Bullet Club.

You can follow El Phantasmo on Twitter & Instagram @elpwrestling.

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