Wrestler of the Week – Colt Cabana

Professional wrestler. Comedian. Commentator. Podcast host. It can only be Colt Cabana. One of the most beloved figures in the world of independent wrestling, and rightly so. Having wrestled in Japan numerous times, Colt is finally about to make his full New Japan Pro-Wrestling debut as he takes part in the prestigious New Japan Cup. He quickly earned the love of the NJPW faithful during the recent Honor Rising shows with his comedic and wrestling prowess, breaking through any language barriers that may have held a foreign wrestler back. Ahead of his big first round match on 11th March, Colt was kind enough to answer a few questions for us!

img_20190307_1124109044846685839867449.jpgHow are you feeling about making your New Japan Cup debut?
I’m excited. I debuted in Japan in January of 2006. I’ve been with some of the top companies in Japan, but there’s something very special about New Japan that I feel the whole wrestling world is very aware of. It’s taken me almost 20 years to make it here and I think that’s very exciting in itself.

What would it mean to you to compete at MSG for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship?
First of all, it would be great just in general to compete at MSG. To do it with that much at stake, would be even more amazing.

If both successful in the first round, you could take on Yano in the second round. Is this a match you hope will take place?
Yano and I wrestled from ROH in my hometown of Chicago and it’s one of my favorite matches ever. I think it only makes sense to have the rematch on his home soil.

Are there any particular New Japan wrestlers you’re hoping to face?
Yano, lol

1024x576_1322415115106759302690.jpgWhat is the strangest rumour you’ve heard about yourself?
Sometimes I’ll see people online talk about how “messed up” Colt was or how I look high. I’ve never really taken a drug in my life, so I always find those amusing.

What, if anything, would you change about wrestling?
I would make the wrestling ring a giant foam mattress. My body would feel much better then.

Where are your favourite places to wrestle?
I have so many found memories all over the country. Obviously Korakuen Hall in Japan is amazing. Some of the shows I’ve had in Edinburgh, I’ve done shows in Costa Rica and Russia where the crowd was AMAZING. It’s really all about the fans and how into it they are willing to be.

If you could challenge for any Championship in the world, what would it be?
Probably the Million Dollar title. I’d like to face Ted DiBiase in his 60s!

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Why wrestling?
You know the answer to that…it’s the best!

What is the most embarrassing moment to happen in the ring to you?
Sometimes wrestling in front of those small crowds can be embarrassing.

If every time you walked into a room 1 song had to play, what would it be?
Blue Meanie’s theme song.

You can pick any superhero or villain to become your tag team partner, who do you pick?
Marty Scurll and Hurricane Helms…because they’re wrestlers so they’d probably be the best…

You can follow Colt Cabana on Twitter Instagram @ColtCabana.
Colt’s Art Of Wrestling podcast is available to download wherever you get your podcasts.

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