Top 5 Spider-Man Suits

Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has been through a wardrobe full of different suits since swinging onto the scene in 1962. Part of the reason he’s had so many different outfits is because the Spider-Man mantle has had a host of different heroes under the mask, from Peter Parker to Miles Morales and Doc Ock to Ben Reilly. Each of these costumes has a distinct look that is glued into the mind of every Spider-Man fan and we all no doubt have our favourites. So we decided to take a look at our own top 5 costumes.

dde78ngh8b77dflsukht3c3968572281059665853.jpg5. Advanced Suit
One of my favourite costumes, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best. I spent the majority of my playthrough of the PS4 Spider-Man game donning this outfit. The white spider symbol is something we mostly associate with the Symbiote suit but it looks badass on the red suit. We actually have to thank Doc Ock for this suit, as he is the one who helps Peter make the suit. And the white around the arms, hands and shoes are a nice touch.

spider-man-homecoming-iron-spider-suit4288501185573081064.jpg4. Iron Spider
I’m talking about the sleek red and gold Iron Spider from the Civil War comic arc as opposed to Infinity War. The fundamentals are the same; the suit was given to Peter by Tony Stark and employs four mechanical spider-arms to help Spidey in combat. It essentially follows the same color scheme as Iron Man’s own armor.

web-of-spider-man-1-header5431636994028451600.jpg3. Symbiote Suit
The black suit is such a change from what we expect from Spider-Man. In 1984 this drastic change for Spidey made it’s first appearance and would go on to become one of his most iconic looks, second only to his original red and blue. Rather than a radical design choice from Peter Parker, the black suit is a result of the alien symbiote latching onto his torn costume. A symbiote that is so famous that it needed it’s own film, Venom.

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scarlet-spider-header7320085632892712010.jpg2. Scarlet Spider
The only suit on my list that isn’t worn by Peter Parker. This outfit, worn by Ben Reilly, consists of an entirely red suit with a sleeveless blue hoodie worn over the top which is adorned with a misaligned spider symbol. This suit debuted in 1994 and is still one of the best costumes there is. When it comes to the best non Peter Parker Spider-Man suit, this takes gold.

amazing-spider-man-fcbd-header1292126186933567187.jpg1. The Classic
Nothing beats the original red and blue that we associate with Spidey. Whilst there are always slight variations of the costume depending on the artist, for example the webbing under the arms, it’s mostly kept the same. For almost 57 years this is the picture that is conjured when Spider-Man is mentioned, and rightfully so. The suit is definitely the most iconic piece the web-head owns and it is one one of the most instantly recognizable outfits in all of comics.

Honorable mentions:
Superior Spider-Man 
Bombastic Bag-Man

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