The 10 Best Moments In The MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is overflowing with memorable moments. The list could be almost endless, from breathtaking fight scenes to heart-breaking deaths, the MCU has given fans a lot to love and remember. Before Captain Marvel releases next week, we’ve taken a look back through the 10 year MCU history to list our top 10 best moments!

avengers-age-of-ultron-thors-hammer-3073845650835262796.jpg10. “You’re all not worthy.”- Avengers: Age of Ultron
I love this scene as it was the first time we got to see the Avengers wholly interact outside of battle. It was refreshing to see this group of heroes have a joke with each other at the risk of embarrassing themselves. The huge tease to see Captain America make Mjölnir budge ever so slightly and the expression it puts on Thor’s face makes this the first entry to my list.

static-assets-upload59571554383547016298713597165176942230.png9. “I am Iron Man.” – Iron Man
This one line had huge ramifications for the future of the MCU. If it wasn’t for Tony Stark’s ego then the entire cinematic universe could look very different today. Taking away the veil of secret identities opened up a whole new world for not only Iron Man but for every hero to come.

dormammu_16550729135793981347.png8. “Dormammu, I’ve come to bargain.” – Doctor Strange
Whilst we did get the usual big fight scenes in Doctor Strange, it was the trippy Groundhog Day ending that made the biggest impact. For once the hero was truly outmatched and would not be able to win the fight. Doctor Strange was willing to live an eternity of constant repeated death in order to save the world from Dormammu. It’s a far cry from the Stephen Strange we see at the beginning of the film and one of the most selfless acts we have yet to see.

12-guardians-we-are-groot8790417781489202305.jpg7. “We are Groot.” – Guardians of the Galaxy
Who knew that adding one word to the 3 word vocabulary of Groot could cause so many tears. I’m sure the majority of audiences went into this not knowing who the Guardians were and were struck by how beautiful this scene was. The lovable tree sacrificing himself to save the team and the immediate impact this has on Rocket make this one of the highlights of the MCU.

7-spiderman-adrian832275721505358969.jpg6. “You must be Peter.” – Spider-Man: Homecoming
This might be the biggest twist in the MCU, a moment that caught us all in complete surprise. The stakes in Homecoming increased dramatically with this inclusion as both Toomes and Parker hold a secret that neither wants the other to know. As if meeting your date’s Dad isn’t scary enough, it also turns out he’s the villain you’ve been fighting this whole time.

15-avengers-360-shot1761377233895723616.jpg5. “That’s my secret Captain, I’m always angry.” – Avengers
The reveal that Bruce Banner could transform into Hulk when needed was a welcome addition to the MCU. But what makes this moment so special is the following 360 shot of the Avengers back to back. The money shot. This was what we had been waiting for!

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8-cap-2-lift-fight274102452043201049.jpg4. ”Before we get started, does anyone want to get out?” – Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Is this the most badass moment Captain America has in the MCU?! Cap giving an elevator full of enemies the chance to rethink what they’re doing before he puts them all in their place is the coolest moment of Phase 2. The immediate fight scene is Cap at his best and helps remind everybody that there’s a reason he is a Super Solider.

tom-holland-as-spider-man-in-captain-america-civil-war4250478872620240225.jpg3. “Underoos!” – Captain America: Civil War
Seeing Spider-Man thwip into the MCU was always going to be near the top of this list. At last the world’s most popular superhero was where he belonged after misadventures with The Amazing Spider-Man. However our number 3 pick goes to more than just Spidey as the entire airport fight scene was Marvel at it’s peak. It’s the first time we see Spidey in action and a whole onslaught of heroes meet for the first time either as allies or enemies that perfectly illustrates why we are so in love with this universe.

maxresdefault2367080355835141830.jpg2. “What were you the God of again?” – Thor: Ragnarok
Thor going full God of Thunder whilst The Immigrant Song blares in the background is one of the best looking scenes in the MCU. Thor charging along the Bifrost and easily taking out hordes of enemies with his fully realised powers was a sight to behold. Thanks to Hela and Odin, Thor discovered he is more than just a hammer and Thanos would feel the ramifications of Thor’s new found powers first hand in Infinity War.

mgxbd0z4554231573600990129.jpg1. “Bring Me Thanos!” – Avengers: Infinity War
Yes, Thor takes both my top slots. He turned into a major force thanks to Ragnarok. His return to earth in Infinity War looking fresh as hell in his new gear alongside Rocket and Groot was a genuine cheer-worthy moment. He single-handedly turns the tide during the war in Wakanda that has the Avengers struggling, as he unleashes his Godly powers equipped with his new weapon Stormbreaker and wipes out a chunk of Thanos’ army. If only he then went on to aim for the head…

What would be your top MCU moments? We could easily create another 10; Iron Man suiting up using nano-tech; Hulk treating Loki like a rag-doll; Captain America fighting The Winter Soldier; Vision lifting Mjölnir. The list goes on!

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