My Thoughts On Green Book

Let’s talk about perfection. There’s rarely anything in the world that’s perfect; what I might think is perfect you might argue is imperfect. Now, let me talk about Green Book, as this was an entirely perfect film to me. I cannot conjure a single bad word to say against it despite my best efforts. I’m not naive to the controversy surrounding the film which casts a large shadow, but in a vacuum this film deserves the acclaim it has been given and surprisingly lives up to the quote on the posters “one of the best films of the decade.” 

Green Book walks an incredibly fine line as it accomplishes the tight-walk challenge of portraying racism in 1962, which is a deeply serious subject still, whilst somehow being miraculously sweet and wholesome. I found myself laughing at one scene to being teary-eyed in the next. It had been a long time since I felt so invested in a story and the characters and that is owed to the 2 leading men.

The chemistry between Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali is undoubtedly the best in recent cinema and I’m sure the argument will be made that their on-screen relationship could be one of the best of all time. Ali is a treasure! They are both well deserving of their OSCAR nominations. The character growth offers so much hope as you remember what the pair are like at the beginning of the film compared to the end.

I’m excited to watch Green Book again as it could potentially take up a spot in my top films of all time. Clearly, I’m in love with this film.