Change In Direction

The initial iteration planned for Webbed Media didn’t work out as I had hoped. I wanted an outlet to give me the chance to write about what I love, which it did. But I also found myself trying to report on the big news in an effort to generate clicks and in turn wasn’t writing about what I loved, but what would get views. I no longer loved the hobby of writing as it turned into an arduous task to report news quickly in an attempt to compete with much larger websites that have entire teams of workers compared to just me.

Webbed Media will, for now, be a resource for myself and friends to write about what they are passionate about, which for the most part is films. I’m taking away the restrictions of feeling the need to post daily as I want this to be a passion-project, not a second job.

To make up for Webbed’s disappearance, keep an eye peeled on our social media for an upcoming giveaway in the coming days.

Thanks for sticking around.

– Ciarán