Eddie Brock’s Notepad Reveals Details On The Venom Sequel’s Villain

Please be aware this post contains spoilers regarding the mid-credits scene of Venom!


The mid-credits scene of Venom sees Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) visit Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson) who is locked up in San Quentin Prison. Being the investigative journalist that he is, Brock has his notepad with him in that scene and that notepad was on show at New York Comic Con. The pad gives an insight into Kasady, better known by his villain name Carnage. The scene sets up Carnage to appear in the future, likely as the villain of a Venom sequel. Have a look at the picture of the notepad below. We also have a full breakdown in case you can’t read parts.

Picture taken by Comicbook.com
  • Killed his grandmother by pushing her down a flight of stairs
  • Went on a huge massacre in New York City. 11 Murders. Ryker’s
  • Dug up his mother’s grave after the massacre
  • OCD
  • Born in Brooklyn, NY
  • He has an insane mind and a lust for destruction. Homicidal maniac
  • As a child he grew up in St Estes Home for boys after becoming an orphan
  • Did Cletus set the fire at St Esters?
  • It killed the disciplinarian administration…revenge?
  • As a boy he tortured and killed his mother’s dog with a drill
  • Antisocial
  • Pushed a girl who would not go out with him in front of a bus. She was killed instantly.
  • Unpatterned bloodshed = the ultimate freedom

Although a sequel has not been officially announced, it isn’t a secret that Sony intend to create a universe based on Spider-Man if Venom is a success, and it had a spectacular opening weekend. Venom smashed the October opening weekend record with $80m, beating out the previous record holder Gravity ($55.7m).

With the introduction of Carnage, fans will once again be beckoning for an R rated film to showcase the serial killer but the likelihood of that is slim given the impressive start Venom has made.