Could We Be Getting News On The Loki & Scarlet Witch TV Series Next Week?

It was reported a few weeks ago that there are plans for characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to get their own TV series as part of Disney’s streaming service, which you can read about here. Specifically mentioned as getting their own shows were Loki and Scarlet Witch, with Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen set to reprise their big screen roles.

At the upcoming Ace Comic Con Midwest set to take place from 12th-14th October in Chicago, Hiddleston and Olsen will be in attendance and taking part in a panel together. The panel is described as a rare one on one interview panel and interestingly it is the only panel over the weekend that is not accepting questions from fans. It has also been described on the Facebook group as being a special panel. Is it possible that the pair have a big announcement to make regarding the rumored TV series? Given that the other MCU stars in attendance (Evans, Cheadle, Gillan & Pace) are all doing a separate panel, it seems plausible that Hiddleston and Olsen are being paired together to make a big reveal.


But. This might not mean anything after all, perhaps Ace are just trying something different. Given the mention of a one on one interview, perhaps the panel will be something fun with the 2 actors attempting to interview each other instead of taking questions from the fans.

Either way, with Ace Comic Con only a week away it will be sure to bring insight into the Marvel Universe and offers the chance for the stars to divulge some secrets to the fans at the planned panels.