HOT, NOT AND WHAT?! – THIS WEEK IN WWE: Brie Bella Riles Up The Wrestling Community

This week the search for Finn Balor’s purpose in WWE continues, Samoa Joe pays a visit to AJ Styles family and Brie Bella becomes the punching bag for the Internet Wrestling Community after a horrible botch.



Samoa Joe & The Styles Family
Some would say that the feud between the two TNA veterans has gone too far, and ventured into the ridiculous. But to those I say, NEY! NEY! This week Joe rocked up to AJ’s home and…rang the doorbell. Woah!!! Slow down there guys. This isn’t Attitude era. But seriously, this feud is still going strong. The chemistry they have in the ring is fantastic and they compliment each other very well. The camera cutting away after the gruesome doorbell action was the right move. I have never really been a fan of the ‘home invasion’ scenes WWE have done in the past, they always seem to be way over the top. This was done perfectly though, leaving it all up the imagination of the audience.

Rusev Day
What happens in Milwaukee, stays in Milwaukee. Unless your ex best friend brings it up on TV. Having Aiden English take the helm as the heel in this works perfectly. Rusev has the opportunity to claw back some of the huge popularity he had a few months ago. However, that’s only possible if WWE play out this story in the right way. As a team they were able to be silly and have fun with their gimmick but now the betrayal has taken place, it’s time to get serious. Far too often creative have got a good story going, only for it to go completely off the rails because the writers seem to lose their heads for a moment. This ‘Milwaukee incident’ could be just that, or it could spice up the programme to an even higher level. Time will tell. Generally Smackdown seem to handle this type of thing a bit better than their bigger brother, RAW.

Dean Ambrose
Returned. Looked ripped. Didn’t turn on Seth. SHIELD…blah…blah…Roman Reigns, you know the story. However, this week The Dogs of War resorted to mind games with the lunatic fringe, presenting reasonable arguments that Dean was the only SHIELD member now who didn’t have gold around his waist. When Dean was on Smackdown, he was WWE Champion. He was the face of the show. WWE feeding us a tiny teaser about Ambrose turning on his SHIELD brothers, gives this feud a much needed spark. The image of Roman & Seth holding their titles high in the air, with Dean looking on was brilliant. Ambrose seems the logical choice if one of the members are going to turn. They need to play into his ‘lunatic’ side more for him to be nicknamed so. This could just be a red herring but hopefully WWE have a trick up their sleeve here.



With Becky & Charlotte tearing up the Smackdown title scene, the creative team don’t know where to put Asuka. She made a bang on the main roster, winning the first Women’s Royal Rumble and going on to face Charlotte at Wrestlemania in a great match. The future seemed incredibly bright for the Empress of Tomorrow. Unfortunately, since being drafted to Smackdown, she has been thrown into the odd tag match here and there and involved in a lackluster feud with Carmella in which she came out with a double loss. Now she finds herself in a friendship with Naomi going up against the IIconics. It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and the IIconics, although entertaining, are just not on Asuka’s level. It’s another example of WWE just putting in zero effort when it comes to female angles that don’t involve the title. Why do the storylines with the women always involve friendships as well?

Shinsuke Nakamura
Now Shinsuke was on the ‘NOT’ list a few weeks ago, as he was just being used as tool for the Orton/Hardy feud. A week on and he was a pawn in the Rusev Day implosion. The cockerel crowed thrice this week on Smackdown as Orton caused a DQ in Nakamura’s bout with Dillinger. It’s good to see Tye on TV, interestingly I did suggest him as a possible feud with Shinsuke. Clearly WWE are going to start stealing all my ideas. But why is the United States Champion being used in the background of Orton’s feuds? Couldn’t Tye & Shinsuke go on together have a little series? The warpath that Orton seems to be heading on could be an interesting one, but I just hate to see title & champions stagnant. If you’re reading this WWE, which obviously you are, Nakamura Vs Benjamin Vs Dillinger. Go.

Finn Balor
Does anyone have a bigger contrast between their NXT & WWE runs than Finn Balor?! He is the longest reigning male NXT Champion in history! Even Bo Dallas just finished a fairly good, albeit short loved, run as a WWE Tag Team Champion. Once again, Balor this week found himself in a random, short singles match. Finn still remains extremely popular with the crowd, thank god. Otherwise, he might not be on TV at all. But this guy should be at the top of the card. Instead he is still being thrown into these matches, that don’t ever lead to anything. What are we waiting for with Balor? He’s ready to go. Just put him in a feud with someone meaningful, for something. Before everyone loses interest in him.



Brie Bella
Since returning to the squared circle, there have now been a few occasions where Brie Bella has left some fans questioning her in ring work. First there were those suicide dives, one where she landed on her face; then she had a few stiff shots for The Miz; a very dangerous looking knee to the face of Zelina Vega. Now this week on RAW, when dishing out DB’s Yes! kicks to Liv Morgan, Brie connected with Morgan’s head not once, but twice. Resulting in Morgan going limp, and legitimately being knocked unconscious, and it has now been revealed she suffered a concussion. WHAT!? Props to Liv Morgan for getting back up and trying to carry on, we hope she heals up quickly. This has caused quite the stir online. People are fired up. When wrestlers make mistakes ‘fans’ love to throw as much hate as they can at them. At the end of the day, it was a mistake. Mistakes happen in wrestling. It’s dangerous and everyone who steps through the ropes knows the chances they are taking when they do. To me it looks like Brie lost rhythm of what she was doing. I do wonder why after connecting with Morgan’s head the first time she didn’t stop with the kicks… This combined with her other recent botches, don’t exactly paint the Total Diva’s star in a good light.

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