Should ‘Comicbook’ Be One Word or Two? Stan Lee Sets The Record Straight

You always see a comicbook referred to in 2 different formats. You often see it written as both one word or two words, a comicbook or a comic book. But which is correct? Well Stan Lee set the record straight when on The Empire Film Podcast and explained how he thinks it should be written.


“Speaking of customs, there is very important thing I’d like to mention to your viewers worldwide. Most people who write the word comicbook write it as 2 words. Don’t ever let them do that again. Because when you write comicbook as 2 words it means a comic…book. A funny book. That’s not what comicbooks necessarily are. It should always be written as one word. That makes it a thing, a comicbook! Sets it a part from everything else. But calling it a comic book, as 2 words, that’s like saying it’s a science-fiction book or it’s a love story. No, it’s a comicbook, one word!”

If the incomparable Stan Lee says it should be written as one word, who are we to disagree?