Disney CEO Confirms Feige Will Oversee New Fox Additions Including Deadpool & X-Men

The CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that Kevin Feige (Marvel Studios President) will oversee everything when it comes to X-Men, Deadpool and The Fantastic Four moving to Disney as part of the Fox sale.


When asked if Kevin Feige is going to oversee everything, Iger told THR “I think it only makes sense. It only makes sense for Marvel to be supervised by one entity. There shouldn’t be two Marvels.”

On the topic of Deadpool becoming an Avenger? “Kevin’s got a lot of ideas. I’m not suggesting that’s one of them. But who knows?”

This is the first confirmation we’ve had that Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige will be taking control of the new additions when it comes to the comicbook world, although it was always likely to be the case.