Welcome to this weeks HOT, NOT & WHAT?! RAW & Smackdown are fresh from Sunday’s Hell in A Cell as we look at the angles, segments and feuds that are leaving us wanting more, wanting to see less, or have us going…WHAT!?



Drew McIntyre
The image of Drew McIntyre carrying Ziggler (my man!) up the ramp on his back, holding both tag titles in one arm is one of my favourite images from HIAC. Drew looked very strong in the match against two multi-time winning WWE Champions. His match with Ambrose on Monday night solidified McIntyre as one of WWE’s top performers. He shone against Dean in arguably (no argument), the match of the night.
When this 6’4” beast, kipp’d up at HIAC, I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so inferior to another human being before. The athleticism the guy has is unreal.
He’s strong. He’s quick. He looks dangerous. He beat Dean Ambrose clean in the ring. If WWE continue showcasing him the way they are at the moment, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be a title contender very soon.

Becky Lynch
They pulled the trigger…and it went off! Becky Lynch is now, once again, your Smackdown Women’s Champion. Two days after defeating Flair at HIAC, and receiving what was probably the biggest pop of the night, Becky basked in the glory of her coronation. The new edge of cockiness & arrogance works very well with her no nonsense character. The chemistry between the two horsewomen is on fire at the moment, and it doesn’t matter what the ‘Irish Lass Kicker’ does, the crowd will chant her name regardless. Getting the upper hand against Flair in beat downs repeatedly now makes her look dangerous, and it doesn’t hurt her opponent in the slightest who over the past two years has been solidified at the top of the women’s card. I’m also enjoying Becky’s slow transformation into Jesse Pinkman….bitch.

AJ Styles & Samoa Joe
That southern boy tapped out! Samoa Joe knows it. You and I know it. Most importantly, AJ Styles knows it. It was a clever way to further Joe’s pursuit of the title without making him look weak. Now instead of just running his mouth without a win to back it up, he has a legitimate claim that the title should be around his waist. I thought Joe sold it perfectly on Sunday, who instead of going into full outrage mode on everyone and everything, was more in absolute disbelief and looked as if he didn’t know what to do with himself. WWE also let the AJ/Almas match go the whole way without an interruption on SD, which allowed the latter to once again show the champ what he’s got to offer, which is a lot. Having Joe come out at the end of the match to get his hands on his rival was a much better scenario. This feud between AJ & Joe has been played out perfectly up to now and it will be interesting to see what goes down in a few weeks in Australia.



Raw Women’s Roster…again
Unfortunately, yes. It just doesn’t seem to make sense to me. Why does the Raw Women’s Champion have so many friends? How are they going to build someone up to seem like an actual contender against Ronda if the babyfaces continue to get the upper hand against the heels every week? Is no other woman on that roster interested in the title, other than Alexa Bliss? Like I said last week, I can’t help but feel WWE are backed into a corner here with Rousey. For someone who has never wrestled before, she’s good. But her matches don’t flow the same way you expect a champion’s to. Compare Rousey/Bliss to Flair/Lynch on Sunday, and they were worlds apart. There doesn’t seem to be a long term story planned out here. Are Rousey and Bliss to do battle constantly? Maybe the returning Nia Jax will be thrown into the mix. There’s also the extremely talented Ember Moon. There are options but it all depends on the execution.

Universal Championship
I don’t think anyone expected Brock Lesnar to turn up on Sunday, if you did, YOU’RE A LIAR! Although popular with the audience, I’m not sold on the idea that adding Brock back into the picture will help in any way. It’s well known he’s heading back to the UFC later this year, so do we really expect him to be taking the title back in Saudi Arabia. We also can’t seem to get a match that doesn’t involve interference. The Braun/Roman feud isn’t necessarily bad, but it just seems to be the same every week. “I’m going to destroy you”, “Go for it”, “Grrrr I’ll get you soon Roman Reigns!”. The feud needs to get hotter every week with the story line furthering along with it. These two had some great matches last year, but their chemistry at the moment doesn’t seem to be quite there.

Chad Gable & Bobby Roode
Roode has been floating around since his debut on the roster. Wasn’t really doing much before winning the vacant US title for two months, lost it to Randy Orton, now nothing again. Chad Gable has also struggled to find a place since being split from Jason Jordan, but when given the chance, he has put on great matches that showcase just how good he is inside the ring. Now we’ve got one of NXT’s greatest heels, teaming up with Chad Gable who has gotten babyface written all over him. I don’t know if this is the start of turning Roode heel, or just another example of WWE throwing guys together because they’ve got nothing for them at the moment.



Stacked PPV Deck
Did you know WWE has a PPV coming up called Evolution, where female stars of the past and present collide? Oh you didn’t? Well you’d be forgiven for that, because apparently WWE have forgotten as well.
If you recall, there was a large backlash earlier this year when WWE journeyed to Saudi Arabia as the women were not allowed to wrestle. It seemed in response to that, WWE announced an all-women’s PPV for October this year. Except now, WWE have the Super Showdown in Australia and Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. Not forgetting the May Young Classic & Mixed Match Challenge being shown every week. WHAT!?
That’s effectively three PPV’s in the space of four weeks soon. Plus the added network shows. With Evolution being mentioned the least out of all of the above, despite it taking place before Crown Jewel. It just comes across that WWE are not taking the women’s Evolution as serious as they like to make out. Don’t talk the big talk if you won’t even get off the chair and go for a stroll! If the Evolution PPV doesn’t succeed, it will be down to poor promotion and lack of commitment on WWE’s part.

Do you agree with what I said or do you think I was talking out of my ass? Let me know, or don’t. I’m just going to keep typing anyway!

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