Superman No More!? Henry Cavill Supposedly Done With Superman

UPDATED – Henry Cavill is NOT confirmed to be leaving his role. Click here for more information.

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Henry Cavill will reportedly not be returning to play Superman in the future. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. had been trying to have the actor appear in a cameo role in Shazam!, but contract talks broke down and Cavill will now be parting ways with the DC Extended Universe entirely. The British actor has played Clark Kent 3 times since his first appearance in Man Of Steel in 2013.


An agreement could not be reached for Shazam! due to scheduling conflicts that Cavill had with Mission Impossible Fallout.

Ben Affleck is also believed to not be returning in his role as Batman, leaving DC without actors for their 2 biggest superheroes.

The studio has repotedly changed its aim with a focus on a Supergirl movie which is planned to be an origin story.