Fan Recreates Spider-Man: Homecoming Poster In PS4 Spider-Man Game

Spidey fans are in euphoria at the moment with the recent release of Marvel’s Spider-Man exclusively on PS4 from developers Insomniac Games. Included in the game is a photo-mode that allows you to freeze the game to take and edit photos with different filters and frames. This photo-mode combined with some of the best graphics in gaming history have led to a influx of film-like quality photos sprouting up over social media. Below, reddit user mumpf1997, has recreated one of the Spider-Man Homecoming posters by using the photo-mode.

Left – Actual film poster / Right – PS4 created poster

The noticeable difference is that the creator has decided to use Peter Parker’s homemade suit from Homecoming instead of the suit Tony Stark creates.

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Spider-Man is available now exclusively on PS4.