What Webbed Watched: 03/09/18 – 09/09/18

What Webbed Watched is a weekly segment in which the contributors to Webbed Media give a brief review of any film they have watched in the past week. The film may be a brand new release, a classic, a film we regret watching or one we’ve seen a hundred times. This week we have The Nun and What To Expect When You’re Expecting.


The Nun – @CiaranRH
The latest film in The Conjuring universe is the weakest outing yet and is marred by forgettable characters including The Nun herself. Throughout The Conjuring 2, the presence of The Nun character is entirely terrifying which makes this prequel extremely disappointing in that the capacity for horror is kept to generic jump scares that are plainly not scary. This cinematic universe had such power in that it tackled the religious and supernatural but kept itself grounded in the real world, but The Nun corrupts that with its dive into the completely far-fetched. Don’t waste your money going to the cinema for this entry, wait for it to hit Netflix.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting – @MoMoBeena
Quite possibly every woman and man’s worst nightmare, childbirth, is delightfully played out through 5 different story-lines in this light-hearted comedy. The plot essentially covers all possible aspects from conception right down to labour and an adoption on the other side of the world. The acting is subpar at best, with Cameron Diaz and her enthusiasm often becoming overwhelming to the viewer. And on the other end of the spectrum Anna Kendrick, who can barely swing more than two facial expressions throughout the movie! If you’re looking for a pink and fluffy, visual pregnancy manual, this is it.