What if Galactus joined the MCU?

Once the announcement that Disney would be buying Fox was made official, Marvel fans were exploding with speculation about the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool joining the ranks of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One fan has taken that to the next level with their incredible concept art of Galactus! Reddit user TruthOrGjallarhorn created the below concept art depicting how the Devourer of Worlds might look going up against Iron Man.


The 10+ year plan for Marvel Studios which is culminating with Avengers Infinity War and Avengers 4 is almost over and perhaps we will likely see the end of Thanos with it. There aren’t many villains in the Marvel catalog that can pose a larger threat than the Mad Titan but Galactus definitely fits the bill. If Marvel plan to create another over-arching story to carry on for years, Galactus is a viable option. It’s not a far-fetched approach either given that Marvel have the entire universe as a playground with the Guardians of the Galaxy and introduction of Captain Marvel next year.

Who would you like to see as the next grand villain for the future phase(s) of the MCU? We’d love to see Doctor Doom!