All Aboard The Spider-Man PS4 Hype Train (Literally!)

Usually when you hear about a “hype train” it’s a figure of speech. There’s no actual train for you to ride. But Sony and Insomniac Games have taken that metaphor to the next level and have an actual Spider-Man dedicated train running through the New York subway as advertising for the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 game!


As you can see, the carriages are decorated entirely red with Spidey plastered across them. The seats have the white spider emblem taken from the web-slingers costume made exclusively for the new game. There are even copies of the Daily Bugle on board!




We are super excited for Spider-Man to be released on PS4! So much so that we have pre-ordered our copy of the Collector’s Edition and even the limited edition Spider-Man PS4 console! Be sure to check out the website on release day to get the first glimpse at both!

Spider-Man is set for release on 7th September, exclusively on PS4.

Here’s a trailer for the game.