What Webbed Watched: 13/08/18 – 19/08/18

What Webbed Watched is a weekly segment in which the contributors to Webbed Media give a brief review of any film they have watched in the past week. The film may be a brand new release, a golden classic, a film we regret watching or one we’ve seen a hundred times. This week we have Happy Death DayPaddington 2 and Monster In Law.


Happy Death Day – @Davemanson1
Blumhouse Productions had such a stellar 2017 with Split and Get Out, that Happy Death Day flew under the radar for me until it popped up on demand. Christopher Landon, who helped write and produce several of the Paranormal Activity series and 2007’s Disturbia starring Shia Labeouf, directs this dark comedy. Groundhog Day meets Sorority Row in this unexpectedly fun and thrilling feature. Jessica Rothe (La La Land) provides a starmaking performance as the immoral college student who must relive the day of her murder as she attempts to identify the killer. Creative and immersive, this film is perfect for any slasher fan looking for a slight variation on the theme, and although predictable, is irresistible to the average viewer. Perfect for a Saturday night in with a partner or friends.




Paddington 2 – @CiaranRH
An innocent and fun movie that left me with a big grin on my face and teary eyed, films don’t get much more enjoyable than Paddington 2. The film garnered exceptional reviews and was nominated for awards at the BAFTAs, including a nomination for Hugh Grant as Best Supporting Actor for his almost cartoon-ish role as the villain. The story follows the lovable Paddington Bear on his journey to get his aunt the perfect present, only for that present to be stolen. This is a rare movie that can be appreciated by everybody. It’s extremely easy to get invested in and it is one of the best family-friendly films you can possibly watch.



Monster In Law – @MoMoBeena
I haven’t said this out loud before, but to hell with it, Jennifer Lopez is about as talented as my left foot. Once again proving my point that talent isn’t the main criteria in Hollywood anymore. It’s either drowning in nepotism or full of talent-less, easy on the eye “actors/actresses.” The basis for Monster in Law is the age old cliche about how mother in laws are practically the devil reincarnated who automatically hate the woman that dares to marry their precious son. Watch how this ridiculous comedy unfolds between mother and future daughter in law. Jane Fonda is the obvious choice to play a pretentious snob who feels her son, the doctor (obviously), is not suited to a temp worker who flounces through life. Nevertheless they’re getting married and mum isn’t happy about it, trying her level best to sabotage the relationship at every opportunity. I’m giving this a generous 1/10, and that’s only because Wanda Sykes provided a minuscule amount of actual humour.