Teen Titans Go! To The Movies – Spoiler Free Review

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies (TTGTTM) is great fun for children and adults alike. It’s filled with plenty of childish humor to keep the kids entertained and will have adults laughing more often than you might expect. For those who are keen DC or comicbook fans, you’ll end up with your eyes glued to the screen trying to notice the never ending amount of Easter eggs on show, with enough squeezed in to rival Ready Player One.


The film follows the Teen Titans, made up of Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy, on their adventure to get their own film created in a world where every superhero is getting a film made about them (sound familiar?), even Batman’s butler Alfred has an upcoming film planned. This leads to constant interactions with an onslaught of heroes from the DC universe, whether it be heroes we all know or those you’ve probably never heard of. It’s easy to forget that you are watching a children’s film with the number of references to the Hollywood movie making machine and previous DC films, but then an upbeat musical scene will kick off with bright colours, at which point you are reminded that you are in fact watching a film that is mostly aimed at a young audience. Then in the next scene you find yourself laughing and almost aghast at the occasionally dark humour on show.

TTGTTM is perhaps at it’s best when parodying and mocking previous DC outings; in the trailer for the film Starfire asks Green Lantern if a film has been made about him to which he responds “there was a Green Lantern movie! But… we don’t talk about that.” If there is something from a DC film that caused controversy on the internet then there is likely a joke made about it in the film. But it doesn’t limit itself to self-referencing as it goes outside the DC bubble to implore nods to other famous franchises that will make any adult smile but likely be completely missed by children.


The film is a treat for comicbook fans and a refreshing break from the live-action superhero films that we now get on a regular basis. Admittedly there is not much on offer here if you have not seen previous DC films or have little knowledge of the superhero world, but you’ll still have a few chuckles at the fun, light-hearted show on offer.

– @CiaranRH