EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at the upcoming 3 Million Villains comicbook

3 Million Villains captured me on the name alone. I came across a post that contained the first page of an upcoming comic named 3 Million Villains and that single page (that you can see below) peaked my interests. I got in touch with the creator of the series, Supreme of Supreme Comics, who kindly agreed to answer some questions and has provided Webbed Media with an exclusive first look at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th pages of the comic which you can see below!

3mv comic page 1 black WITH TEXT
Page 1

How did you first get this idea? It seems to be the polar opposite of the usual comic book hero story.
The idea for 3 Million Villains started with me wanting to create a new comic book universe. A universe that is the anti-Marvel; instead of being dominated by super heroes and occasional villains, this universe is all villains and no heroes. Seems more appropriate for the times we live in! The first 3 Million Villains comic is an introduction into this villains universe, with a series of comics to follow. I talked with a movie studio who expressed interest and wanted me to release a comic series that could become a movie, even a video game and VR.

Who are you/the team and what is 3 Million Villains?
The comic book 3 Million Villains is being written/designed/directed by myself for my Supreme Comics banner, and illustrated by Andri Maulana. There are currently 4 more artists working with me on 4 more comics in production concurrently: Dead Knight, Clown Crime Unit, The Lark Knights, and Kid Satan. They’re all in same universe – to be released on Supreme Comics for free in the coming months.

cthulu shoot
Lord Cthluhu in a shootout taken from the potential movie

Tell us about some of the characters you have created.
The central “Villain” in 3 Million Villains is Pablo Escobar’s former Ventriloquist Puppet – The Puppet Master – who came to life via magic cocaine. Now he uses his dope money to pull strings on all of the villains in the city to try and stay on top. He uses The Clowns to push his dope around town.
When a sycophantic mayor ordered the police chief to send a SWAT team on a suicide mission to bust up the Puppet Master’s 10 story trap house, they encounter dozens of villains living inside under The Puppet Master’s protection, and mostly don’t live to tell about it. They fight off Orc Bikers with sawed off shotguns, Gay Satan and his Demon Boyfriend, shape shifting Clowns, a humanoid Ramen Cup with a machine gun, Aliens, 7 foot birds with sledgehammers, rocket launcher Santa Claus, and more!!!

What is your goal with 3 Million Villains?
My goal with 3 Million Villains is to launch a new comic book universe that is anti-Marvel (DC seems to have fucked up holding that baton); a gritty, hard-R comic and film series that counters the glossy corporate products pushed by Disney.

3MV comic page 2 black w TEXT

Tell us about your stylistic choices in making 3 Million Villains.
I love the way the 80s retro-futuristic aesthetics feel like an alien design aesthetic in 2018; a barbaric, brutal aesthetic that feels like a neon apocalypse. My favorite movie Blade Runner has this disposition.

When can fans expect to have new material?
We will first put out the 3 Million Villains comic out for free in the coming weeks, followed by 4-6 more comics. Then after that I will focus my attention on film projects based on the 3 Million Villains universe.

Page 3-Recovered

How can fans keep up with the series?
You can keep up with everything 3 Million Villains via Twitter, @3millionvillain or Facebook facebook.com/3millionvillains. Fans can expect the release of lots of comics for free – on Amazon, Comixology, direct download (Supremecomics.net), etc – in the coming weeks.

3MV page 4 black with text

In a world that is so fixated on heroes, whether it be in films, games or comics, the grandeur on show by 3 Million Villains and Supreme offers the potential to be a refreshing viewpoint on a universe we are all familiar with.

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