What Webbed Watched: 09/07/18 – 15/07/18

What Webbed Watched is a weekly segment in which the contributors to Webbed Media give a brief review of any film they have watched in the past week. The film may be a brand new release, a golden classic or one we’ve seen a hundred times.


Set It Up – @Davemanson1
In a genre many deem to be fading, Set It Up is a refreshing addition to the rom-com family. Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell play struggling, underpaid assistants who are desperately trying to appease their respective employers. Horrible Bosses meets The Intern in this hilarious depiction of life in a high-pressure workplace. Zoey Deutch really steals the show, with consistently impressive comedic timing and effect. Her budding relationship with Glen Powell is entirely convincing and is testament to the fact that they both starred in the underappreciated Richard Linklater comedy – Everybody Wants Some!! Set It Up is a feel-good fun-fest, perfect for a couples’ night in. Watch it on Netflix when you have the opportunity.

Pulp Fiction – @CiaranRH
I have a confession to make, until this week I had never seen Pulp Fiction. As soon as I finished watching it, I realised I had spent my entire life missing out. I knew of parts due to the infamous memes but I knew little in the way of the story. I expected the whole movie to revolve around John Travolta & Samuel L Jackson’s characters and was surprised that a large portion of the film follows Bruce Willis’ character. The beauty in this film is how all the character’s stories suddenly become intertwined in superb fashion. What I believe makes this film special is the characters, especially the chats that take place between Travolta and Jackson that had me hooked even though they are not chatting about anything overtly unique or even interesting. Whenever they spoke I wanted to listen. It’s only been a few days since I watched Pulp Fiction but I already have an itch to watch it again.

The Twilight Saga – @MoMoBeena
Apparently not having watched the Twilight Saga meant I was committing blasphemy of sorts, so I watched them back to back recently. Such is the nightmare I had to endure, here goes; We have vampires (the Cullen’s), fine. Werewolves (the Uley Wolfpack), also fine. Love triangle (Bella, Edward and Jacob), yawn. Believe it or not, that is the general gist of the entire saga and trust me, I’d be saving you time and effort by not reviewing any more than this. I’ll just skip to the penultimate scene in this series of atrocities: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Because it was such an amazing series of books, naturally they wanted to split the final chapter in to two movies #HarryPotterDidItFirst. Now I’m an avid fan of a good war scene: Field/desert, row after row of fierce looking, scantily clad warriors with weapons in hand. A moment of silence between the two leaders who always have brilliant vision, as they usually enter in to a silent staring contest a mile away from one another, unbeknownst to those standing in the back waiting to charge. And then a loud expletive, a few roars and then they charge! BD PT.2 (yes, I’m abbreviating this pile of shit) has a scene such as this, which was quite possibly the only moment I perked up a little in excitement! So we have werewolves and “for the good of the human race” vampires, vs old-fashioned, robe-wearing arrogant vampires. Eye contact is made, opponent is selected, they charge, they fight, they spill blood and it is fucking brilliant! 17 minutes later, total silence as the camera zooms out of Alice Cullen’s eye, and we realise it was all just a premonition and the whole stand-off flat lines. Now I know the scene was never real to begin with because it’s a movie, but it kind of ruins the entire film knowing it was just a premonition and that no one actually died. I wanted death dammit! Anyhow, Edward and Bella go home, raise a vampire baby which grew at an insanely fast speed and was born within weeks of conception. They never grow old (obviously) but live happily ever after. Jacob remains the losing party in the triangle and continues to do whatever the fuck werewolves do.
I give this a 1 out of 10…. Going to watch Blade.