Kenny Omega on X-Pac 12360 Podcast

Fresh off of his victories at Dominion and E3, Kenny Omega was on the X-Pac 12360 podcast. Kenny spoke about the 7 star match where he dethroned Okada to become the IWGP Heavyweight Champion; The match up at E3 between The Elite and The New Day in Street Fighter 5; His thoughts on being added to the WWE Network; The upcoming G1 tournament and much more. We’ve put together a summary below and you can check out the full podcast on YouTube here.

Dominion and his reign as IWGP Heavyweight Champion

  • Kenny did not want to overkill anything in the Dominion match as he thinks a 5th match may happen at some point.
  • Had to do lots of planning to ensure the falls all looked different enough so that it came across as 3 different matches. Concerns of if the 1st fall has too much, does it make the 2nd fall less exciting?
  • There were 2 big ideas that Kenny felt were better being built towards in this match instead of blowing them in this match. Laid the ground work at Dominion so when those 2 moments do happen it makes them even better.
  • The rivalry took a life of it’s own after Tokyo Dome. He wanted to go down in a blaze of glory in the Dome match in case he never gets the opportunity to headline the venue again.
  • Doesn’t feel pressure to follow Okada’s reign. He hopes to have a very original run in which all the defenses look different and he can play to each opponents strengths.
  • Doesn’t feel like he has to fill Okada’s shoes.
  • He hopes to defend the Championship against Naito as he hasn’t had a title match against him.
  • Wants to defend against Tanahashi; He wants a special moment with him. He says that he loves Tanahashi but they love to hate each other as Tanahashi has a professional jealousy towards Kenny and they both have very different views on wrestling.


Kayfabe in Japan

  • Kenny spoke about the post-match celebration in Dominion and how it was emotional with Matt Jackson.
  • Kayfabe is alive in Japan so Kenny wasn’t able to see Matt in public and could only meet up with him in private as to keep the story line between them alive. Due to their schedules they didn’t see each other often.
  • It’s not that the Japanese crowds believe it’s a shoot, but they appreciate being able to suspend their disbelief.
  • X-Pac thinks that is why wrestling is so healthy in Japan and the West could do with closing the curtain a bit again.
  • Kenny thinks that’s part of the reason that his rivalry with Chris Jericho was as good as it was.


  • Both NJPW and WWE were supportive but he was surprised at the overwhelming support from WWE.
  • He wanted to introduce wrestling to a brand new audience, in this case the gaming community.
  • He is not good at spicy food so the pepper he had was brutal. He mentioned that Xavier Woods said it was the worst batch he’s ever had.
  • Xavier Woods almost needed medical attention after eating the 2 peppers.
  • Even so, Omega would have eaten all 3 peppers if he had lost but he’s glad Xavier called it off.
  • E3 was part of Kenny trying to make wrestling cool again and have a positive impact in everything he does.


G1 Climax 28

  • Kenny and Ibushi think that it’s too soon for them to be meeting each other (they’ll be facing off on the last day of block matches in the G1). They only wanted to revisit their match if it was at the Tokyo Dome as they get crazy and push each other’s limits too far.
  • They made a vow after their match in 2012 that they have to calm down so they have a chance of surviving their next match together.
  • Kenny made it known to higher ups that he thinks the match should be saved, but they were persistent.
  • At least it’s happening at the Budokan where the 2 have history.
  • Kenny loves when outsiders come in for the G1 tournament, it offers an unknown factor. But there’s so many guys on the roster they you almost need to use them.
  • If he was the booker he would have probably called somebody in.


  • Kenny found it funny that one of his matches from Deep South is now on the WWE network but he hasn’t watched it.
  • Kenny wants the show at CEO to be a marriage of wrestling/gaming, with a production quality much like when you watch the world championships of a gaming tournament.
  • He hasn’t had time to think about his match with Cody at Cow Palace yet, just some preliminary thoughts.
  • Kenny has high praise for Cody; says how much fun it is working with him on Being The Elite; he has the best facials in wrestling; his selling is good and he’s a great talker.
  • All his memories of seeing Vader are pleasant.
  • Vader got Kenny his first work visa in Japan. If it wasn’t for him, Kenny wouldn’t have been able to legally work in Japan until he joined NJPW.
  • Kenny wishes he could have had a match with Vader. Kenny loves the idea of little man vs big man matches but he doesn’t have anybody he can do that with in Japan. Mentions Fale but they’re both Bullet Club.
  • He would love to face Shuji Ishikawa.


– Ciarán Hayward