E3 – Webbed Top Picks

The gaming giants at E3 this year had a concrete aim to deliver on games and there was little to no mention of new services or devices; so picking our favourite games of the event is no easy task. But that hasn’t stopped the team at Webbed Media giving their thoughts below:

Asch – @NeonReigns
Ghost of Tsushima is my game of E3.
From the beginning of the trailer at E3, Ghost of Tsushima grabbed me; the music; the main character’s design and the environment were all gorgeous. The samurai’s clothes, the grass filled environment and any neighbouring piece of cloth was animated so well it really made you feel the winds of war was upon you, as it seamlessly flows from cutscene to gameplay, panning over a vast landscape you can really appreciate the Japanese aesthetic of a lone Samurai in a troubling time. The 1 vs 3 combat scenario feels very realistic as you control this vastly skilled warrior who is able to dodge, counter and deliver deadly blows in an instant, with the lack of a HUD it looks as if you will feel a lot more immersed in the combat and be more aware of your surroundings. Towards the end of this trailer we see a fight between the main character and one of his allies, as the tone sets to a traditional Samurai fight; while the fight is happening the camera pans to a side-on view and the battle begins, with each strike we see the leaves on the ground kick up and react to the character’s movements. The lighting and bloom adds more to the beauty of these clashing blades and it instantly brought back memories from Metal Gear Solid 3 of the clash between Naked Snake and The Boss. All in all, Ghost of Tsushima looks like it will set the standard for cinematic landscape design and lay a standard for any future Samurai game.

Jason – @jaykaik
Tetris Effect is my game of E3.
At last there is a game that actually makes me want to buy PSVR and who’d have thought it would be an acid-trip version of a 34 year old game that we all know so well. The trailer for Tetris Effect hooked me with it’s mesmerizing barrage of lights and colours, with an overlapping narration describing the scientific phenomena that shares the game’s name. The game plans to take aim using hypnotic imagery available with next gen power and the addictive nature that has always been Tetris. The developers have said every stage will have its own theme, and that “they’re all meant to make you feel something — to convey a mood, or even provoke an emotional response.” And whilst this can be played without PSVR, I can only imagine how much of an experience it will be when taking advantage of the VR capabilities.
Nothing surprised me at E3 this year but of course I’m awaiting Spider-Man, Kingdom Hearts 3 and The Last Of Us Part II.

Daniel – @dbrookes24
Forza Horizon 4 is my game of E3.
The team at Playground Games have hit home run after home run with their Horizon series and the latest game set in England looks to continue the trend. The combination of Forza’s attention to detail, stunning weather cycles and the freedom of free-roam all come together to produce incredible gaming moments, whether you play by yourself or with friends. Horizon 4’s new season cycle, events and player populated world look to improve the series even further and I can’t wait to get started.
Close behind is The Last Of Us Part II and Insomniac’s Spider-Man. Both games look fantastic and further bolster the PS4’s slate of exclusives. The Last Of Us 2’s gameplay demo blew me away, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Spider-Man also had another great showing and I’m eager to be web-swinging around New York in September.
Finally, a special mention to RedLynx for answering my prayers and putting a Trials game on the Nintendo Switch. Trials Rising looks to be a more social, multiplayer-focused game that seems to have a Burnout-style crash mode – perfect for ragdolling your rider around the incredible courses both the devs and the community create whilst on my morning commute!

Ciarán – @CiaranRH
Cyberpunk 2077 is my game of E3.
Yes, the man with a Spidey tattoo has picked something other than Spider-Man as his game of E3. In a year that boasts sequels to 3 of my all-time favourite game franchises in Kingdom Hearts 3, Devil May Cry 5 & Gears 5, I’ve picked something different. Although gameplay hasn’t been revealed publicly for Cyberpunk 2077, reading the industries thoughts on a 45 minute demo that was shown behind closed doors has me thrilled. The last outing for CD Projekt Red was the rarefied The Witcher 3; and hearing that early impressions of Cyberpunk improve on everything afforded by The Witcher 3 gives an indication that Cyberpunk could be one of the all time greats in the gaming world.
Notably, Sony have the best line up of games to come with Spider-Man, The Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding; All of which could have easily been my game of E3.