E3 Day 3 – Nintendo Conference

Nintendo’s Direct this year left a lot to be desired as it was heavily focused on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The bulk of the presentation was spent on the newest Smash entry with other announcements including Super Mario Party, however there wasn’t a lot else to get excited about in comparison to last year. There was no update on the previously announced Metroid Prime 4 or any surprises worthwhile.
There wasn’t a single mention of 3DS; Is the iconic hand-held system now defunct? Other than the usual Pokémon releases the 3DS has been on it’s last legs for a while now, and with the worldwide phenomenon making its way to Switch, it looks like the 3DS may be laid to rest.


Here’s the games that caught our attention the most!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
We wouldn’t be able to discuss the Direct without mentioning Smash. There doesn’t seem to be anything new brought to the series in terms of gameplay other than tweaks that only the most die-hard of Smash fans will care about. However every previous character in the franchise is being used to make up the 60+ character roster in a spectacular move to heighten the already huge cross over.


Super Mario Party
The fun mini-game filled series will be making it’s debut on Switch this October and is taking full advantage of the unique capabilities the console has on offer. A few mini-games were shown off but not much else, but we know what to expect from this franchise by now.



Honourable Mention
Overcooked 2 – Whilst this isn’t an exclusive, it is the perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch. The first game provided hours of fun and controversy for me and friends and being able to take the game on the go affords the opportunity for more craziness.
Pokémon Let’s Go – It was revealed that with every purchase of the Let’s Go Pokéball control will come with Mew! This is a very smart move on Nintendo’s part that will certainly boost the sales of the unique control.

– Ciarán Hayward