E3 Day 2 – Sony Conference

Sony opted for quality over quantity this year compared to Microsoft who showed 50 games. This didn’t detract from the energy surrounding this years E3 as we got to see extended gameplay of huge titles that were previously revealed, including The Last Of Us Part II, Death StrandingGhost of Tshushima and Spider-Man. Sony has been leading the charge on exclusives for a while now and for Xbox to compete they need a whole lot of blue shells to help push them into first place. Ignoring the questionable intermission so that the crowd in attendance could move from one room to another, Sony delivered a big conference on the games we are anticipating the most.

It was an odd conference. Other than the introduction there was nobody on stage for the entire show except the musicians who performed. Instead there was a constant video played showing gameplay and trailers. It didn’t feel like a usual E3 conference. I felt this was great, I’m watching to see games not hear about them. But it could be argued that it vilified the idea of an E3 conference.


Here’s the games that caught our attention the most!

The Last Of Us Part II
Sony kicked off with a cutscene from the sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. During the scene there was a shift into gameplay and it’s hard to believe that the entire segment was not a cutscene; the visuals are rich and rugged; the action is so smooth; the atmosphere is tense. Naughty Dog looks to be one-upping themselves with this sequel.




Ghost of Tsushima
This open world action adventure game set in feudal Japan showed off it’s gorgeous graphics as the gameplay followed the lead character on horseback riding through fields which moved into a fight with 3 sword-wielders. It seems as though blocking and parrying play a huge part as you can deliver deadly blows to enemies with a well timed swing of your sword. This game holds a lot of potential to tap into a genre that is often used but never in an open world setting such as this.


Death Stranding
If somebody can explain what is going on inside Hideo Kojima’s mind in relation to this game, we’ll give you a prize. This game boasts a cast that so far includes Norman Reedus, Mads Mikklesen, Guillermo del Toro, Léa Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner. Perhaps the most realistic graphics on show during Sony’s conference, Death Stranding isn’t laying any chips on the table yet. We still know very little about the story or the gameplay, which was shown for the first time during this conference, but each new bite of information makes us even more intrigued.



This is it. I firmly believe this is the definitive Spider-Man game. Sony has put a lot of faith in this, having it close out their E3 conference for the 2nd year in a row. Insomniac Games keep on impressing every time they show something new from Spidey and this year we were treated to extended gameplay fused with new plot details. The fighting gave off a Batman Arkham Aslyum vibe, which makes sense given Peter Parker’s spider-sense. September cannot come soon enough so we can spend days swinging around New York.





Honourable Mentions
Kingdom Hearts 3 – This is the 3rd time KH3 has appeared during a conference, but this time it was with the reveal that Pirates of the Caribbean would be returning to the beloved series.
Resident Evil 2 (Remake) – The idea of re-playing RE2 on PS4 is extremely tempting as the game looks to have been completely revamped for this generation of gaming.

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– Ciarán Hayward