Deadpool Press Conference – MCM Comic Con

Stars of both Deadpool 1 & 2 Brianna Hildebrand (Negasonic Teenage Warhead) and Stefan Kapičić (Colossus) were in London this weekend for MCM London Comic Con. As the show was closing down on Sunday afternoon we had the chance to attend a press conference with the 2 actors. Check out all the info from the conference below!


Brianna had a few questions about her views on Negasonic being gay in Deadpool 2 as she is now dating Yukio and she talks about how she loved the idea and how important it is to have LGBT be on show in cinema. She goes on to tell how one fan in particular revealed that after she saw Deadpool 2 it helped her come out to her own Dad.

If they could pick their own superpowers, Brianna opts for invisibility and Stefan opts for Professor X’s powers. And if they had to pick between X-Force or X-Men they stay true to their roots and both decide they will stick with the X-Men that they are already a part of.

Stefan is a huge comic book fan and reveals that his first love was DC, but goes on to say “the DC comics are much better than the movies, unfortunately for them.” He feels that Joker is the best villain of all time and is interested in how Joker would tackle Colossus if they were to meet.

Brianna revealed that after the first film was released, Deadpool 1 director Tim Miller approached Brianna and suggested the idea of Negasonic being a villain in the future. Stefan is hoping to see Kitty Pryde introduced as a love interest for Colossus. Stefan also threw out the idea of all the Marvel characters getting together in the future to take on Galactus.


Stefan loves Deadpool’s I’m Batman line when confronted by Cable. And Colossus would approve the line too as there’s no bad language!

As we knew Stefan is such a big comic fan, we asked him if there are any story-lines he hopes to see in future films. Stefan mentions that he was always hoping to see Infinity War and he’s excited for Venom. He would love to see Kraven’s Last Hunt adapted for Spider-Man (so would we!).

We also asked what they thought about the introduction of actors such as Terry Crews and Bill Skarsgård as part of the X-Force for them only to be killed shortly after; Brianna recalls reading the script and being excited over the new characters before she read a few more pages and was shocked at their quick deaths. She never actually got to meet any of the X-Force actors on set but was thrilled to meet Terry Crews at the after-party.

Stefan tried to get some secrets about Infinity War from Josh Brolin whilst on set for Deadpool 2 but Josh kept tight lipped. Both actors firmly agreed that luck is definitely a superpower. For the final question of the conference, the 2 X-Men members were asked which characters they would like to bring to life on the big screen and Stefan doesn’t hesitate in mentioning Kraven; we’re beginning to think he wants that role himself! Brianna makes an apology for not having any names to give but promises to go home and brain-storm!

– Ciarán Hayward