The Words Of Jericho Live – Review

Chris Jericho; multiple time WWE world champion; the lead singer of rock band Fozzy; New York Times bestselling author; podcast host for Talk is Jericho; Plus a mammoth series of other ventures that give Chris a hefty Wikipedia page that’ll have you reading for a few hours. With so much success both inside and outside the squared circle it comes as no surprise that Chris has a multitude of stories to share with the sold out crowd at the Clapham Grand for the last show of his Words of Jericho tour hosted by Inside The Ropes.


Chris hit the stage to his famous theme song and wearing his now iconic light-up jacket to a sea of Y2J chants from the enamored fans. It quickly became apparent that the excitement levels could not be contained as Jericho joked he could put his jacket on a mannequin, have it hold the List of Jericho and walk off stage and the crowd would still cheer and be happy.

Jericho’s quick-wit is on show throughout the night as he keeps the crowd laughing from beginning to end, whether it was by his impressions of other wrestlers/celebrities or the comedic gold of some of the stories he weaved, such as being scolded by Sharon Osborne who berated Jericho and asked, “Who the fuck are you?!”

Here’s a few of the tales that Y2J told; he would hang out at hotels trying to meet the wrestlers when he was younger; what it felt like to get 69(!) thumbtacks slammed into his body as a result of the Ambrose Asylum match; how he “celebrated” becoming the first Undisputed Champion in WWE history; trying to meet Sir Paul McCartney at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony; his feelings on facing Fandango at Wrestlemania 29 after he originally pitched to face Ryback; and much more.


Rather than having an emcee host the night, Jericho had the stage to himself for the whole show and was able to dictate the pace and the stories. Perhaps to the disappoint of some fans he didn’t take any fan questions but this helped to keep the show lively and always moving forward, as opposed to the potential of having a generic question asked that has been asked a million times before.

There’s only ever one first, so you’d think that lots of planning went into making Jericho the first ever Undisputed Champion in WWE history. Well Jericho found out 4 hours before it happened in catering when he heard Vince McMahon speaking to Undertaker obviously loud enough so that Jericho could eavesdrop. You’d think that after this history making event that Jericho would have a huge celebration! Well he ended up getting locked out of his hotel room with the pizza he ordered and having to prove to the squirmy hotel receptionist Regis (a name Jericho “would never forget”) that it was his hotel room. Then once he got into the room, he knocked the pizza on to the floor; So to “celebrate”, Jericho ate cold pizza that was dusty from hitting the carpet.


It’s clear that Chris is having fun at the show as he performs with a big grin and chuckles at many of the stories. And this mood could be felt throughout the audience as fans sat with smiles on their faces getting to see this legend talk about his career in an intimate setting. When talking about Fandango the crowd quickly starts chanting Fandango’s theme before Jericho cheekily reminds the crowd who’s show it is, and that the crowd will get their chance later on. The show ended suitably to the delight of the fans in attendance with him putting the entire crowd on The List of Jericho, sending everyone home happy.

Inside The Ropes have more shows planned with Jim Ross & Goldberg so be sure to check out their website, for more information.
You can keep up with all of Chris’ ventures on his Twitter, @IAmJericho.

– Ciarán Hayward