Deadpool 2 First Impressions – Spoiler Free

We were lucky enough to see Deadpool 2 tonight! Have a look at what we thought below. Be sure to check the end of this post for information on a giveaway for an Avengers Infinity War poster signed by Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland!

Please note this is not a review and merely some of our thoughts. Our full review will come at a later date. We will not be sharing any spoilers.

If you’re a fan of the first film, you’re going to love Deadpool 2. All the new characters are great fun and the references and jokes hit home. The film has a lot of surprising heart as well. We were even treated to the cast showing up to introduce the film!

Ryan Reynolds has delivered another delight that is a far cry from Infinity War for all the right reasons. It’s crude, it’s violent, it’s current and it’s a fun ride from beginning to end filled with constant laughs.


Be sure to check back here in a few days for our full review of Deadpool 2.

So about that giveaway. How would you like to win an Avengers Infinity War poster signed by Tom Holland? This poster was purchased at a charity event Tom held which we attended which you can read about here. To be in with a chance check out our post here for all the information you need.

– Ciaran Hayward