Tom Holland Talks Infinity War during fan Q&A at ‘The Brothers Trust’ Charity Event

Tom Holland and his family held their 4th event for charity today which gave fans the opportunity to attend a private screening of Avengers Infinity War followed by a Q&A with Peter Parker himself. Fans had the chance to purchase photos with Tom and signed posters prior to the screening, with all the money raised going towards the family run charity, The Brothers Trust.
We were lucky enough to attend this event and have all the details from the Q&A below.


Tom spoke about how Thanos has a big story line and all the Marvel films have always been about the hero but this time it’s about the villain. All the heroes are basically extras, “Marvel managed to have Robert Downer Jr be an extra” he joked. Working with Brolin was lots of fun although it was awkward having to look at a cardboard cut out of Thanos’ head on a pole above Brolin’s head.

Spidey’s Future
When asked if there are any Spider-Man characters he would like to see in future films he kept tight-lipped and said there’s no way he can talk about it.
A fan asked if Spidey is trapped in the soul stone and Tom said he doesn’t know. He goes on to say how he didn’t even read the script and he kept pestering Kevin Feige for information but couldn’t get anything.

Spider-Man’s Death & Improvising
Tom did not know in advance that Spider-Man would be dying. He found out about the scene the same day he was filming it. He was taken aback when he saw the death in the film as he just remembers having the time of his life filming.
When asked about the improvising on his death scene he said he did but “all I did was say ‘I don’t want to go’ a few times.” He said Robert Downey Jr is the king of improvising. During the scene on the donut ship with Doctor Strange & Iron Man, Tom actually improvised the “I’m back up” line to which RDJ quickly quipped back saying that “the adults are talking”. Tom purposefully made a plan to play Peter Parker as innocent throughout the whole film so that the death would have a larger impact at the end of the film.

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Filming On Set
The set of Titan was very hard to work on as it was a mix of CGI and physical effects. So much so that the first time Benedict Cumberbatch was on set, he got his cape stuck in a rock and took a huge fall.

Tom claims to not have given away as many spoilers as Mark Ruffalo and thinks his reputation for giving away spoilers is a bit undeserved. He also mentioned how he and Mark would call themselves The Christmas Trees because of the motion-capture costumes they had to wear.

Captain America & Black Panther
Seeing Chris Evans & Chadwick Boseman in costume was the most star-struck Tom was with anybody on the set.

Reaction To Seeing The Film
Tom didn’t cry when he saw the film the first time because he was so stressed as he didn’t know much about what was happening. The second time he could afford to be more relaxed and admits he got a bit emotional.


You can keep up with The Brothers Trust on their website,, and on Twitter/Instagram. The next event is not currently announced but they are always accepting donations.

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