‘Breath of the Wild’ – A Zelda Newbie’s Perspective

I have only ever played one Zelda game to completion and that was Twilight Princess on Wii. The general consensus for Twilight Princess is that it’s not great, and I can’t really remember it so I’m inclined to agree with the internet on this one. I have tried my hand at Orcarina of Time on 3DS and gave up quite quickly. I felt Zelda wasn’t for me and put it in a category of games I should probably play but probably won’t, despite knowing it is one of the most acclaimed franchises of all time.


After all the hype surrounding Breath of the Wild and currently not having anything to play I decided I’d give Zelda one more chance. Unsurprisingly, I gave up early on when I had to find and complete 3 trials which required me to trudge through snowy peaks whilst maintaining a heat source so I didn’t lose health. I kept dying and was getting fed up very quickly. A couple of nights later I decided to dock the Switch and play it through the TV , giving the game one final chance before I would replace it with Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.
Everything changed.
Suddenly the game seemed a lot more approachable and a few hours later I had tamed my first horse and found my first Korok seed! I could suddenly appreciate the full artistry of the game as I constantly annoyed my girlfriend to look at the beautiful scenery. I hope Nintendo never stray from their unique style and leave the realistic looking games to Sony & Microsoft.

There is a very real struggle at the beginning as the game drops you into this huge landscape with little instruction and a huge learning curve. This could easily put unsuspecting players like myself off who are new to the franchise but I’m glad I pushed through and I’m now excited to continue my journey through Hyrule.

– Ciarán Hayward